Onboard your company or team in minutes.Add and remove members as you like, or cancel any time.

Up to 20 members Free.

> 20 members - $1 /member/month

Cost per member decreases as more are added.

Canvas provides a way for teams and companies to share information and news with it's members in an engaging and controlled manner. Company admins are equipped with tools to onboard and manage team members and groups, share confidential company and industry news among employees; and encourage sharing of approved promoted content with employees’ networks.


  • Canvas Page - Aggregates company and team member content through a magazine-like reader.

  • Profile - Share your professional contact information, bio and connections with team members.

  • Public/Private Controls - Designate content to be viewable by specific team members, team-wide or the general public.

  • Team Directory - View and search team members’ Canvases and Profiles.

  • Team Invites - Form teams easily through email invites.

  • Notifications - Be alerted to new posts and team news via email and mobile app in real-time.

  • Mobile App - Stay connected and share insightful content with team members on the go with our iOS and Android Apps.

  • Browser Extension - Share interesting and relevant articles with team members from around the web.

  • Social Share - Share team content with your personal networks at the click of a button.

  • Tagging - Label and search posts.

  • Company Admin Powers - Admins have tools to manage company content, team members and billing.

  • Employee Onboarding - Admins easily onboard employees via email and CSV upload.

  • Employee Content Controls - Admins can turn on/off employee social content feeds and public views.

  • Team Management - Admins can add, remove and approve team members.

  • Group Management - Create Personal/company groups.

  • Public/Private/Promote Controls - Admins can post and designate company content as intra-company, general public or for employees to promote externally.

  • Company Social Feed Integration - Social content is automatically aggregated from your company feeds.

  • Company content auto distribution to team canvases - Company content posts and feeds are automatically distributed to employee canvases and presented alongside their content.

  • Social Syndication of Company Approved Content - Employees may easily share company approved “promoted” content across their social networks at the click of a button.

  • Company Branding - Admins may easily apply company logo and colors across all Team member Canvases. Company posts and notifications are branded on behalf of the company.

  • Subscription Management - Super Admins control the # of members, administer payment and may cancel service at any time.

  • Support - Canvas is self serve and simple to use, but we’re here to help if needed and welcome any feedback via the Feedback tab on every page.

  • Company Discounts - Cost per member decreases as more are added.
    100 Members 5%
    250 Members 10%
    500 Members 15%
    1000 Members 20%
    2500 Members 25%

Questions & Answers

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard. At this time, we are only accepting orders online and cannot receive payment via PayPal or check.

What kind of commitment am I making?

You can simply pay-as-you-go, so you're free to cancel your subscription whenever you'd like.

How long can I use the free account?

You can use the free account for as long as you please. Add or Remove members as you like.

Don’t see your question? Visit our FAQ page or ask us at our contact page.